Sunday, January 18, 2009

May the Felt be with you… Felted Lightsaber ~ baby size

Felted Lightsaber ~ baby size

May the Felt be with you

© Emily V (aka Coffeebra!)



Feltable wool.  I used Patons Classic Merino in gray and leaf green.


Size 11 DPNs


Cotton batting/stuffing


Gauge – to be honest I didn’t bother with it. 


Cast on 15 stitches in Gray wool and distribute evenly amongst 3 DPNs.  Using the 4th DPN, knit approx 20 rounds.  Switch to the Green.


Knit 15 rounds

Next round: *k2tog, k3, repeat * to end (12 stitches)

Knit 15 rounds

Next round: *k2tog, k2, repeat * to end (9 stitches)

Knit 9 rounds

Next round: knit 3, k2tog, knit 4 (8 stitches)

Knit 5 rounds

Next round: k2tog, knit 2, k2tog knit 2 (6 stitches)

Knit a couple more rounds

Next round: k2tog all stitches (3 remain) and leave a 6 inch tail.  Draw through remaining stitches and weave in the ends, leaving the bottom (cast on edge) open.  

Stuff with batting/cotton and seam the open edge closed.  Felt as you normally would.  (I have a front loader so I use 1 capful of Charlie’s detergent and put project in a pillow case.  I throw in a towel or pair of jeans and do a “speed wash” with an extra fast spin) 

Shape the felted project and lay to dry.  Felt a second time if needed. 

You may add decorations, sew on buttons and such for an older child.  My proect was for a 6 month old, so I left off all adornments. 

This projects, if knit in all brown with a red tip can also be made as a Harry Potter or sorcerers wand. 

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