Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby Brim Hat

This is turning out soooo cute!!!!  I can't wait to finish and post pictures.  I'll post my pattern too.  not too creative, just a basic hat but with a k2p2 brim that's folded over and knit up to avoid seams/sewing.  I put a piece of plastic (actually stole that from a cheapie store bought brim hat) in the brim while I was knitting it closed so it curves and is just too cute for words.  :) 

Pics are a coming! 


Phro5gg said...

Oooo! You are such a tease! We want pictures!

Ann said...

I've cast on 104 sts to make it fit in size - when decrease would it be an idea to repeat the first row of decreasing with a knit row in between - 'till I have 63 sts?

~Emily said...

Ann - I would follow the decreases as written and you will end up with obviously more than the 9 stitches left. probably more like 13 or 15 or so (I haven't don't the math) then either pull up the tail through all 15 or add one more k, k2tog until you have a smaller number of stitches left.

Does that make sense at all?