Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Pattern coming... "Don't Call Me Victoria" Scarf

My mom's name is Vicki, people almost always assume its short for another name. Nope, just Vicki. She especially hates it when people call her Victoria. I wanted to knit her a scarf in her favorite greens and blues. Found the perfect yarn, FiberNatura - Heaven, a Merino/Silk mix that's "heaven" to knit up! Searched Ravelry for hours, consulted my trusty The Harmony Guide, Lace & Eyelets and poured through the lacy patterns. I wanted something somewhat light, LOVE the snowflake stitches, but fall themed. Settled on the Fern Lace stitch and wrote up a super quick and easy pattern for the perfect sized scarf! I'm knitting it up now and will publish it on here as soon as it's finished!

Here is a teaser, bad picture, but you'll get the idea. ;)

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Sweater that Killed Me...

My obituary shall read, "cause of death, self inflicted knitting needle stabbing to the eyeballs and brain" My final project?? Chewy's fall sweater.

I cast on in May, got bored, set it aside, and now that its getting closer to fall, I really want to finish it. It's adorable, but man, it's made with some tiny-arse needles and a pattern that makes me want to stab my eyeballs. It's cute as hell, but boringggggg.

So motivate me to finish this thing! I have the back panel complete and working on the front. Below is a pic of when I first cast on and the pic of the pattern itself. Soooo cute, but may kill me in the process.

Ocean Waves Baby Blanket

The finished product... :) I'll write the pattern later, but the stitch came from The Harmony Guide - Basic Crochet Stitches - Wavy Shells II