Saturday, March 13, 2010

WTF am I thinking?!

So after it took me NINE months to make Chewys sweater (that BARELY fits now) I decide to make him a cabled vest out of the same Sirdar booklet, and only gave myself a month to complete it. *ZOINKS* I also have a big thick book to read for our book club and we are visiting some friends later in the month. Oiy Vey!

And of course the slave driver (I mean lovely middle child of mine) is requesting a pteranodon and cat toy ASAP. Yeah, good luck with that kid. I need to teach him how to knit these himself! ;)


Dina said...

following from colorado mom, im a yarn ho too! which lys do you go to?

~Emily said...

A friend of mine likes string in highlands ranch. I like knit knack in arvada too.