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I saw this amazingly cute pattern by clickertyclick, a sweater for your ipod! It was from almost 4 yrs ago, but the deminsions fit the new itouch or iphone. I started knitting it and thought, ew, don't like seaming! How about a pocket, wait! lets leave this section out... After contacting the original designer, she agreed I can post my mods for the pattern! It's a free ravelry download, or check it out here! :) Thanks to Linda from ClickertyClick!

I present to you all, the iPhoodie! (that's iPod/iPhone Hoodie but I thought I was being hysterical with the mashup spelling. My 10 yr old said that was lame and call it a sweater. LOL can't please them all!)

iPhone Hoodie
(pattern modified from clickertyclick. Original pattern can be found at

Materials needed:
US size 3 (3.25mm) straight needles and 4 size 3 DPNs
Worsted weight yarn
4 stitch markers
2 pieces of scrap yarn
Yarn/tapestry needle

Gauge: not important to the integrity of the pattern

Techniques used:
KFB = knit in the front and back of the same stitch
3 needle bind off = see and scroll to the bottom to watch the video on this technique.

Cast on 22 stitches on straight needles. Work in stockinette until the piece measures 2.5 – 3 inches (or approx 7cm) ending with a purl row.
Divide the stitches placing a stitch marker as you knit the next row as follows: K3, place marker, K4, place marker, K8, place marker, K4, place marker

Now you are ready for the increasing. Purl the next row then work as follows: Row 1: K2, KFB, move marker, KFB, K2, KFB, move marker, KFB, K6, KFB, move marker, KFB, K2, KFB, move marker, KFB, K2 Row 2: Purl all stitches.
Repeat rows 1 and 2 until there are 10 stitches before the first marker and purl the next row.

Now you are ready to set aside the sleeves. K10, remove marker and place those 18 stitches between the marker on scrap yarn, Knit until the next marker, remove marker and place those 18 stitches between the marker on scrap yarn, knit to the end. You should have 42 stitches. Purl the next row.

Switch to DPNs kniting in the round. K 14 on each of 3 needles. Work in the round until the entire body measures 4 inches (10 cm). K1, P1 for 7 rows, then do a 3 needle bind off to seam up the bottom of the sweater.

Now it's time to pick up your sleeve stitches. Knit the 18 stitches onto 3 DPNs and work in the round until the sleeve measures 3 inches (approx 8cm). K1, P1 for 4 rows and cast off normally (not 3 needle bind off).
Repeat this for the other sleeve.

Time for the pouch... Pick up 7 stitches in the middle of the sweater approx. 2 rows below the v of the neck. Row 1: knit Row 2: purl Row 3: KFB, K5, KFB Row 4: purl Row 5: KFB, K7, KFB Row 6: purl Row 7: KFB, K9, KFB Row 8: purl Row 9: KFB, K11, KFB Row 10: purl Row 11: knit all stitches Row 12: purl Cast off and seam to the front of the sweater approx 2 rows above the first ribbing row.

Seam the top of the hood together by folding in half and stitching across the top. Weave in all your ends.
You can pick up stitches around the opening to add a fun trim or add a 3 stitch I cord to each side of the hood for the strings. If you want to keep the sleeves from hanging free, you can stitch them to the inside of the pouch or side of the sweater. Or, let them cover your headphone cords. You could even try some intarsia on the back of the hoodie for an interesting and creative look!
© clickertyclick and CoffeeBra

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