Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm hoping to be back to knitting soon!

We have some sort of diagnosis for the little one. He has Dyspraxia, Hypotonia, Global Developmental Delays, Developmental Coordination Disorder, Speech Apraxia and a host of other really long terms. Basically the Dyspraxia covers most of it all. He receives 4 therapies a week and goes to many specialists. He soon will be wearing special ankle/foot braces to help him stand more. He also is a former self starver and still Failure to Thrive so it's an every day battle to get him to eat. Doesn't help that he also is allergic to Milk, Soy and Citric Acid and will be having formal allergy testing done soon to see what else. Dealing with him has been a 24/7 job. I have sooooo many projects and patterns swirling in my head, I just need to get back into them. I thought I'd be knitting at the Dr.'s office and during therapy but all of the things he is dealing with require hands on attention. I've gotten over my Google obsession trying to diagnose him myself, but replaced that with a Chick Lit book obsession. I am hoping the knitting obsession can come back so i can finish the sweater I've been making him since MAY!

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Sophie said...

I know all of these diagnosis waaaay too well! -- If you need anything you know where to find me ;-)